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Comeca renews its membership of RESOTABLO brand

Published on 18 August 2020

COMECA France renews its commitment to the RESOTABLO brand carried by Gimélec to apply and promote the EN-NF61439 standard.

attestation RESOTABLO

The regulations to use RÉSOTABLO trademark is set out by all electrical panel professionals - whether or not they are members of Gimélec - who refer to it. Any panel manufacturer wishing to use this trademark expressly agrees to comply with these rules and to apply the RÉSOTABLO Distribution & contrôle-commande performance standard as a whole, as described in the reference document entitled "General Application Guide".

RÉSOTABLO is a concrete expression of our commitment to progress and high standards. It demonstrates Comeca's determination to apply and promote the EN-NF61439 standard. RÉSOTABLO is not only a sign of real mastery of the EN-NF61439 construction process, it is also a reference for "Made in France", in a quality approach, and resources recognition that we commit to our customers on a daily basis through our installed base service activities.



Reminder of the French standard NF EN 61439-1 and 2

The objective of this standard is to better define "low-voltage switchgear assemblies" while ensuring that the specified performance is actually achieved. Particular attention is focused on:

  • taking into account market developments, which makes it possible to define the "original manufacturer" and the " assembly manufacturer "
  • systematic verification of each set which leads to the disappearance of the concept of " series set (SS) / derived series set (DSS) "
  • increasing safety and performance by clarifying specification requirements such as temperature rises, diversity factors, protection against external influences, mechanical endurances, etc.
  • clarification of responsibilities and commitments of each actor for checks to be carried out
  • documentary traceability of a set to enable the monitoring of possible changes


To find out more about the standard and RÉSOTABLO, visit Gimélec's website (French version only):