In September 2021, COMECA decided to join GIFEN in order to actively participate in the strategy of the nuclear industry, to develop its network in France and internationally and thus to continue to play a key role in the market in the years to come.

In this context, COMECA will contribute by participating in several GIFEN commissions, including those dedicated to Export and International, Innovation and R&D as well as the prospects and developments of the nuclear industry in France.

What is GIFEN?

GIFEN (Groupement des Industriels Français de l'Energie Nucléaire) is the only professional association in the nuclear industry with a national scope, as it brings together the five French nuclear operators (EdF, Framatome, CEA, Orano, ANDRA) as well as industrial organisations of all sizes (more than 230 members). 

Its raison d'être is the joint construction of the nuclear industry of tomorrow by federating, transforming, developing and carrying the voice of the French nuclear team.


What are the benefits for COMECA's customers?

By joining GIFEN, COMECA demonstrates its strong commitment to the nuclear industry over the long term. 

GIFEN has actively participated in the development of the ISO19443 quality standard (evolution of ISO9001) dedicated to the nuclear industry working directly with the major contractors in order to fully meet the quality and traceability requirements of the industry. 

COMECA has decided to initiate the process of qualification to this standard for its Châtenoy le Royal site in order to demonstrate to its customers in the nuclear industry the high level of quality systems implemented within the factory. This process could be rolled out to other sites working for the nuclear market.


COMECA's role and objectives for the nuclear industry

For decades, COMECA has played an important role in the nuclear industry in the broadest sense.

Both for the production of electricity in France and abroad (South Africa, China, South Korea, etc.) and for the entire fuel chain, from uranium mining (Niger) to waste reprocessing (La Hague).

Our wish is to continue to support the nuclear industry as a whole, both in France and internationally, in order to help countries and electricity producers to reduce their carbon emissions and thus achieve the objective of carbon neutrality by 2050.


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