Why choose COMECA Services for your spare parts?

Do you need spare parts for your Comeca, Alstom, Areva, GEC or EATON switchboard? Do you want reliable installation and manufacturing without risks for your teams and installations? We explain why choosing your Comeca manufacturer is a safe and long-term solution for your low-voltage installation.

Service companies and spare parts

When you hire a service company other than your manufacturer to supply your low-voltage spare parts, you risk some unpleasant surprises. As these companies do not have access to original spare parts, they could offer you an unsuitable assembly. These parts will not be guaranteed compatible by the manufacturer. Those who are not aware of this may forget to take into account the shapes and complements against the internal arc during their intervention. Your Galaxis, Normabloc, Evodis, Optimion, Fleurion or Titan switchboard may be damaged by the use of equipment which does not respect the limits defined by the design studies.

The manufacturer's advice, the guarantee of the knowledge of the switchboards

Contrary to the service company, the COMECA manufacturer is able to anticipate the consequences, on the whole switchboard and during the installation of a new equipment by taking into account the heating of each of the components and respecting the original specifications. The addition or reorganisation of drawers must be carried out taking into account the heat build-up, only the original manufacturer, on the basis of his qualification results, has the keys to guarantee the best functioning of the switchboard. Errors in the choice or the technical definitions of the equipment result in the installation of unsuitable equipment (untested assembly) which can lead to :

  • production stoppage
  • the destruction of the painting
  • physical damage to your operating staff teams

Why choose COMECA Services for your spare parts, complementary equipment and modification of existing equipment?

As an original equipment manufacturer, we have total control over the design, dimensioning (modularity, interchangeability, driver cross-section, etc.), permissible temperature rise and the rules to be observed to guarantee personal protection. Our expertise is synonymous with safety for your installation and your operators. As a manufacturer, we guarantee you:

  • service continuity of your installation
  • operator safety
  • to take advantage of the technological developments studied by COMECA for safer exploitation
  • availability of spare parts in stock

COMECA Services has all the technical knowledge on low voltage switchboards type:

  • NORMABLOC, N660 and N680
  • GALAXIS, GD400

With 100 years of multi-brand heritage, the COMECA group is a leader in the sale and manufacture of electrical distribution equipment. Today, the Group has gained the confidence of the largest players in the industrial and energy (nuclear, oil and gas, chemical, mining), tertiary (hospitals, data centers, shopping centers, offices) and infrastructure (airports, tunnels, transport) markets. Our brand heritage :

  • IEC

Call on your original manufacturer, the assurance of making the best choice!


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