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Retrofit of LV switchboards : COMECA improves efficiency while limiting costs

Published on 14 April 2017

COMECA was recently requested by the Office Chérifien de Phosphate « OCP» factory for the retrofit of TRA  Low Voltage switchboards. The aim is on the one hand a progressive equipment replacement with no modification, and on the other hand the compliance of switchboards with the IEC 61 439-2 standard.

The OCP is the world’s leading producer of phosphate rock and phosphoric acid as well as one of the leading global fertilizer players. Further to an on-site audit carried out by COMECA’s technicians, an analysis demonstrated the equipment’s  and components’ level of obsolescence, installed in the factory’s electrical stations since the beginning of the 80’.

COMECA’s experts reported a list of articles to replace as well as the actions to implement to ensure switchboards’ compliance with the IEC 61 439-2 standard, applicable since 2011.

Customer’s challenge

In addition to standards compliance, the customer’s goal is to minimize downtime during intervention, since the factory normally operates continuously, on 24 hour/7 day basis. Besides, the client wishes to keep the location of all equipment, in order to avoid any cable modification.

COMECA’s solution

Taking into consideration operating constraints (operation time, equipment’s adaptability) and costs constraints, COMECA recommended a solution of progressive renovation adapted to customer’s budget.

The retrofit solution indeed enables to replace, on an existing industrial installation, old or obsolete components by new ones. This compliance thus allows improving the installation’s efficiency while limiting the purchase of new equipment.

This project is an opportunity for COMECA to enhance possibilities offered by the retrofit of high service continuity industrial switchboards.

The solution will provide the client with equipment operational for the fifteen coming years and in line with safety and operating requirements.