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Nuclear supplier's day 2019

Published on 20 May 2019

On April 2 2019, COMECA organized a seminar with its main suppliers to discuss the future of the nuclear power generation industry. COMECA is involved in many projects in France (such as the large “Grand Carénage” project with EDF) and worldwide (such as the Hinkley Point C project in UK) for the delivery of electrical panels, HVAC systems and associated service activities. COMECA as an expert of the critical systems ensuring the safety of nuclear installations and at the cutting-edge of technology, is the prime contractor in a complex supply chain with many suppliers partnering together to ensure the availability of clean, efficient and cost effective electricity in a world becoming more and more digital.

A seminar on the future of nuclear power generation

This dedicated seminar was organized to raise suppliers' awareness of the challenges that stakeholders are facing in terms of quality, costs and delivery times. Meeting together was also an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between COMECA and its suppliers. After keynote speeches on the range of COMECA's activities in nuclear sector, the status and future of nuclear projects worldwide, the challenges for the Supply Chain and finally the partnership that COMECA offers to its suppliers, the guests were able to visit the plant in Chalon sur Saône and deepen relations during exclusive negotiation sessions with members of the COMECA Executive Committee.

With more than 30 guests, this event was a great success and allowed suppliers to appreciate the scale and dynamism of the global nuclear industry and their respective involvement, which goes beyond the simple production of parts. This event made it possible to create and develop partnerships that will enable the entire sector to enjoy the success and growth.

The “Grand Carénage” project

The " Grand Carénage " is a large industrial program conducted by EDF aimed at extending the operating lifetime of nuclear power plants and enhancing their safety.

Through 22 separate projects, this program will create tens of thousands of jobs over the next 20 years. It will guarantee the sustainability of the French nuclear power sector and ensure the recognition of its industrial excellence worldwide. On these projects COMECA renovates and delivers the electrical distribution systems and HVAC systems that supply all French nuclear power plants.

The Hinkley Point C nuclear project

In September 2016, EDF signed contracts in London with the British Government and its partner CGN for the construction of two EPR (European Pressurized Reactor) nuclear powerplants at Hinkley Point in southwest England. This signature marked the renewal of the nuclear industry in the United Kingdom.

For this project, Comeca was selected to design, manufacture and deliver electrical distribution systems (low-voltage switchboards) that will supply the entire Hinkley Point C site. Comeca's equipment must meet specific standards and specifications. All of the company's expertise is applied to meet the rigorous criteria of the nuclear sector, such as resistance to earthquakes up to 6g and short-circuits up to 100,000A.