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Key benefits of the maintenance control unit for your GemStart

Published on 14 May 2020

Electric motors account for 70% of industry spending. They must be sized to meet the requirements of their function and must remain available and operational to ensure production. To ensure their control, their protection against a risk of deterioration and guide operators for their preventive and proactive maintenance, electronic protection relays are now widely used in low voltage switchboards.

Protect your motors thanks to GemStart5 protection relay

The GemStart5 motor protection relay protects, controls and monitors your electric motors and loads. GemStart settings are managed with GemPro, a software available for free on our website. GemPro software allows configuration, monitoring and control of GemStart5, it connects to it by cable or by bluetooth connection.

GemPro is not the only way to control and monitor your GemStart, the Maintenance Control Unit is an alternative and complementary tool to the GemPro software solution.

Maintenance Control Unit for GemStart motor protection relaySave time with the Maintenance Control Unit

Powered by the GemStart front panel the Maintenance Control Unit is always ready to operate (no battery inside). It automatically adapts its display to the language used on the GemStart LCD.

Increase the monitoring of your motors

The Maintenance Control Unit (MCU) is a light, robust and compact tool, which gives operators the possibility to Stop, Start or Reset GemStart5 in "Control" mode. In "Monitoring" mode, the MCU displays dynamic electrical values, maintenance information, timers and counters, information linked to the serial link, PTC status and configuration data.

Simplify GemStart5 exploitation

The Maintenance Control Unit cannot modify the GemStart settings but simply read them. It can therefore be used by less qualified operators without risk of modifying important parameters. They can nevertheless acknowledge certain faults to relaunch the installation safely. The MCU can be left self-service in the electrical room, its magnetic rear face allows it to be left at disposal on the metal structure of the switchboard.


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