GemStart connected: control your motor protection relays in real time and remotely

The Ethernet interface for GemStart has been developed by Comeca to meet the need for more connectivity and adds an additional, independent link to the existing process control network, opening up new opportunities for the maintenance and operation team.

Users of the GemStart motor protection relay have access to a lot of information available via its display on the front of the switchboard and more rarely on a dedicated supervision station. However, few users have access to GemStart data remotely and in "real time", as there are few switchboards connected to a dedicated supervision station.
The daily visit to the electrical substation of the motor control centre (MCC) is not a systematic routine. Face-to-face work is no longer wide-spread and presence on site by rotation may require the use of remote assistance to deal with a malfunction.

GemStart ethernet module

Connect GemStart to your intranet

While the control network must be deterministic to ensure safe and efficient process control, the complementary link is based on Ethernet for seamless integration into the plant intranet. Each GemStart module becomes connected and accessible as easily as a printer or mailbox from your office computer.

After the IT department has set up security protections, the operator is able to access the information even in the home office.

Access GemStart data via your smartphone

No software to install, everything has been designed to make the use of the module simple. The information displayed by the interface is accessible from a web browser. This means that it is possible to use a smartphone or tablet to connect to each GemStart in the motor control centre (MCC)! All the information offered by the GemPro software in "online" mode is therefore accessible via the browser and, for each item, the operator can consult dynamic data and the associated settings. 

Collaborate remotely and monitor your motors

Tracé de courbes Ethernet Gemstart5
Ethernet Gemstart5 curve tracing


Access to the history of events and alerts is a real asset for advising an operator on site or simply for checking that a motor is working as intended when the operator is unable to physically visit the electrical room.

If a motor or its load needs to be particularly monitored, the "chart tool" function, integrated in the interface module, allows the implementation of a measurement campaign for the electrical parameters of the motor feeder with a mouse click.

Discover all the features of the  of the GemStart Ethernet module!

Securely recover your data from the GemStart protective relay

All data already available via the serial link can be retrieved via the Modbus TCP protocol and there is no shortage of free applications to use them.

For workstations equipped with GemPro, a port redirector allows you to adjust a setting from your desktop or to check the correct configuration of the connected GemStart.
To allow the use of such a feature, you need to have full confidence in the IT architecture, it depends on the hardware and the rules in place. 

Some ways of ensuring the robustness of the system:

  • At the switchboard level, the interface modules are linked together to create a dedicated Ethernet network with a single access point connected to the intranet by a managed switch configured to filter requests and secure access to the MCC.
  • Remote fault acknowledgement commands or orders are secured by a specific password for each module.
  • If your PC is authorised to access your intranet via a VPN and your access to the MCC is validated by your IT department, you will be able to access the module remotely in complete security.*

*If, however, remote access is not authorised, the following functionality can be exploited: Each module can be configured to send an e-mail to a designated recipient in the event of a GemStart alert (warning, alarm, triggering). As the messaging system is only outgoing, it allows you to be informed on any terminal, wherever you are, while respecting the strictest IT security constraints.

In Summary

Our working methods are changing and our tools must adapt to facilitate access to information. The GemStart Ethernet interface provides the appropriate response to these challenges by modernising your electrical installation.

Dedicated to operations that are not exclusively on site, perfectly integrated into your IT architecture, it will allow you to be more efficient in your daily activities.

The connected GemStart allows you to access and control your motor protection relays in real time on a PC, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world!

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