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Exceptional Purchasing Power Bonus: COMECA Group committed to employees

Published on 29 March 2019

In the continuation of the President of the French Republic announcements in December 2018, the leaders of the COMECA group unanimously wish to join in the effort required to support the purchasing power of their employees.

This bonus benefit employees bound by an employment contract (permanent contracts, fixed-term contracts, alternating contracts) in effect on 31 December 2018 and who are paid less than three times the legal annual minimum wage. The bonus is distributed in inverse proportion to salaries. Thus, the most modest salaries receive a bonus of €1,000. Three levels of remuneration make it possible to distribute this bonus, which ranges from €1,000 to €500.

This decision supports the purchasing power of over 600 employees of COMECA Group units in France. It represents a total cost of nearly €500,000, in addition to the provisions already in effect within the COMECA Group namely : insentives, profit-sharing, Group Savings Plan, Group retirement savings plan, or future ones such as employee share ownership plan.

 «This purchasing power bonus, which is a tribute to the overall success of our company, could not have decided and implemented without the individual and collective contribution of each employee to the success of COMECA, and I would like to thank them individually for this.» Gael DUTHEIL de la ROCHERE – CEO of COMECA Group


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