Comeca provides the BIM object for the Amber 2 charging point

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has revolutionised the construction industry by enabling the creation of detailed virtual models to plan, design and manage projects efficiently. In this context, Comeca is offering the BIM object of its Amber 2 charging point for download.

The power of BIM for optimised design

You can download the Amber 2 BIM object, which contains detailed information about the charging point. The Amber 2 charger offers an advanced and optimised solution to meet the growing charging needs of heavy vehicles such as buses and trucks, while taking into account technical, functional and environmental aspects. By using this BIM object in your design project, you benefit from an accurate virtual representation of our charging point, enabling optimised planning and visualisation of the charging point installation in your specific environment. This helps you avoid costly design errors and maximise the efficiency of your charging station installation.


Transparent collaboration with stakeholders

BIM also facilitates collaboration between the different stakeholders involved in your recharging project. Using Amber 2's BIM model, you can easily share accurate information with architects, engineers and other stakeholders. This promotes a common understanding of the project, reduces the risk of miscommunication and enables more informed decision-making throughout the design process.

Efficient maintenance and management

Once your charging station has been installed, BIM continues to play a crucial role. The Amber 2 BIM object contains essential information about the technical features, specifications and components of the charging point. This information is invaluable for the long-term maintenance and management of your recharging system. Using the BIM model, you can monitor the condition of the charging point, plan preventive maintenance and optimise operations to ensure that your charging infrastructure runs reliably and efficiently.

Integrating BIM into your electric vehicle charging project with Amber 2 is a smart choice for optimising design, facilitating collaboration and ensuring efficient management.

Interested in finding out more about the technical specifications of our solutions (charging stations, gantries or domes) for recharging heavy vehicles?


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