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COMECA grows with the acquisition of SOPRANO Industry

Published on 11 April 2016

COMECA concluded an agreement  for the takeover of all assets of SOPRANO Industry, on 31st of March 2016 by the Commercial Court of Vienne. It is the second external growth operation since the beginning of the year, after the takeover of LEBAS SYSTEM.

SOPRANO Industry, a French company based in Vaulx-Milieu, specialises in the production of heat exchangers for nuclear, railway and military applications. It also owns a Power Electronics activity and shares numerous customers with COMECA.

COMECA therefore becomes owner of the business assets, the brand, the fixed assets (including test resources), all patents, all technical assets as well as inventories and work-in-progress of the company.

For COMECA, the acquisition of SOPRANO Industry is a strategic choice:

  • SOPRANO Industry's HVAC activity represents an extension of COMECA Group high added value portfolio.
  • SOPRANO Industry's Power Electronics activities are in synergy with our COMECA Power entity.
  • SOPRANO Industry’s business assets present an attractive  recovery with the one of COMECA.