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COMECA GemPro Software release, what's new?

Published on 26 March 2020

We are proud to announce the release of a new version of GemPro. You’re invited to download it from our website, as usual this release is free of charge and a freeware license is given to GemStart5 users.

Windows10 compatibility

Previous version was used with VISTA or Windows7 in compatibility mode in XP SP2, the new release is fully compatible with Windows10. The screen compatibility for Windows7 users is also enhanced.

No longer require to install MS Excel

Another additional feature is that is no longer require to install MS Excel on your laptop to use the export functionality of the new GemPro. We integrated the generation of MS Excel sheets into the software rather than relying on the external spreadsheet software which requires installation and a license. The new GemPro therefore export files in xls or xlsx format independently.

End of PCMCIA card

Profibus management from GemPro, with an extra PCMCIA card racked in the laptop is a feature which is removed as such hardware card is no more available for sale and most of the laptops don’t have any more the PCMCIA slot. Only a fraction of our customers use this solution, which is why we can withdraw it.

Accessible with a user mode

You still need to be in administrator mode to install the software, which is a good approach for IT security reasons, but with our new version of GemPro you are now able to use the software in user mode.

COMECA used a new software to develop more GemPro features

Our software development team used a new software platform to produce this release and it gave us the opportunity to look forward to several future functionalities or software pack.

Former GemStart 4 and earlier series are no longer under COMECA control since 2005. They face components obsolescence and lack of development. For GemStart5, we have a strong involvement to continuously improve our products and to keep GemStart5 family updated. Our approach gives you the opportunity to benefit of an always innovative family of products often as simply as by loading a new software.


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